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Nowadays, we come across all sorts of beauty products in colorful labels and claims in markets and drug stores. These claims have created confusion to the consumers to choose between products. Makise Kenko Chewable has major types of ingredients for youthful skin. So, you don’t have to choose between or buy multiple products to use.

Makise Kenko Chewable are supplements for healthy and youthful skin with combinations of major types of ingredients that are responsible for the skin restoration; Proteoglycan, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and Ceramide. These compounds are naturally found in good amounts in a healthy person’s skin. With age, environment and our daily habits, their production decline in our body and also, they breakdown. As a result, our skin is dull and unhealthy; lose its structural integrity and increase skin laxity and wrinkling.

Makise Kenko Chewable naturally restores the level of these compounds. These Chewables are made of best sources for the effectiveness of its supplementation. The extractions of these compounds are done with the best procedure. These Chewables are easy and convenient to carry to everywhere in a purse or bag. The pineapple flavor of the Chewables makes it easy to consume. The proportionate combination of ingredients helps to synergistically absorb and assimilate the components inside the body in the right way for effective action. This helps in the regeneration of new cells and makes the skin firm and supple. It helps the skin to rejuvenate and retain youthfully fresh glow, and reduce/avoid wrinkles.





Collagen is the main structural protein in the extracellular space in the most of the connective tissues and organs in humans. It is mostly found in fibrous tissues such as tendons, ligaments, and skin. It provides firmness, elasticity, and wholeness to these structures and helps to keep skin youthful and resilient.

Currently, 29 kinds of collagen are identified. The five most common types are:

Type I: skin, tendon, vascular ligature, organs, bone (main component of the bone)

Type II: cartilage (main collagenous component of cartilage)

Type III: reticulate (main component of reticular fibers), commonly found alongside type I.

Type IV: forms basal lamina, the epithelium-secreted layer of the basement membrane.

Type V: cell surfaces, hair, and placenta

Type I collagen and type II collagen are most abundant in the human body. Type I collagen is abundant in the skin, bones, and tendon. Type II collagen is in cartilage and plays a role as a cushion to protect the joints.

Collagen is effective for keeping beautiful skin. It is 70% of the total dermis (mid layer of skin). It is produced by fibroblasts in the dermis with hyaluronic acid and elastin. However, the function of fibroblasts declines with age, and dermis is occupied by old tissue. And the skin loses firmness, elasticity and gets aged causing fine lines and wrinkles. 

These can be reversed by supplementation of collagen but the Collagen is not well-absorbed through skin application. So, the best way to increase body collagen is through oral administration by supplements. Collagen is also helpful in relieving joint pains, making the bone strong and preventing arteriosclerosis.





Proteoglycan is a type of Glycoprotein where Glycosaminoglycans are attached to the core protein. It forms an extracellular matrix with Collagen and Hyaluronic acid to maintain body tissues. It is a highly effective anti-aging compound which inhibits inflammations related to aging and diseases. It moisturizes better than collagen, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin. Also, it promotes their functions. Proteoglycan has EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) like activities that promote cell growth and cell division.

Our Proteoglycan is produced from salmon. The refining technology of high purity Proteoglycans in large scale from the salmon nose cartilage was established by a research group of Hirosaki University in Japan.

Is Proteoglycan different from Collagen or Hyaluronic acid?  

—Yes, it is different. 

Collagen: Provides strength to the skin.

Hyaluronic acid: Forms water-soluble gel and makes the skin more flexible.

Proteoglycan: Has EGF-like activities to accelerate the regeneration of skin cells as well as functions to produce Collagen and Hyaluronic acid. And Proteoglycan has 30% more ability to preserve water than Hyaluronic acid. Because molecular weight of Proteoglycan is smaller than that of Hyaluronic acid; it penetrates deeper into the skin.

Proteoglycan is known to have an EGF-mimicking region on the part of the core protein. It has been established that Proteoglycan obtained from salmon nose cartilage has EGF-mimicking activities and functions to reduce wrinkles and boost skin‘s elasticity through an application test on human skin. Proteoglycan promotes the growth of epidermal cell and improves Type I Collagen and  Hyaluronic acid. 

Therefore Proteoglycan has the following effects.

・The number of dry-prone areas decrease.

・Hands become less prone to roughness.

・Lips become more moisturized.

・Cuticle of nails become stronger.

・After shaving sting is eliminated.

・Pore size is reduced.

・Dry skin on arms and other parts is eliminated.

・Body skin becomes less dry.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring, sticky mucopolysaccharides distributed widely throughout human body with a strong capacity to keep water. It keeps the moisture in the eyes and skin. In the joints, it plays a role as cushioning and lubricating oil. It has a tendency to decrease with age. The amount of Hyaluronic acid in the human body is at the peak in 20-year-olds. It will continue to decrease with age, which can lead to increased dryness, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging of skin.

Water retention force of a Hyaluronic Acid keeps the moisture of skin – 1g of Hyaluronic Acid keeps 6 liters of water. It creates the skin firm and elastic. Hyaluronic Acid is a component contained in the skin. The skin has moisture and firmness by collagen, elastin, and Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is helpful for people with dry skin, dry eyes, and arthritis. Hyaluronic acid is extremely beneficial as an oral supplement. Besides retaining the skin moisture, it plays a critical role in the production of collagen. With collagen, hyaluronic acids help to make more supple, wrinkle-free skin.



Ceramide could restore lost natural Ceramides of the skin that are protective layer holding the skin cells which plumps the skin and holds moisture. Ceramides are waxy lipid molecules naturally found in the epidermis layer of human skin. They hold the skin together, forming a protective layer that plumps the skin and holds moisture. With aging, there is a decline in ceramide and cholesterol in the stratum corneum of humans. Together with cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, Ceramide creates a water-impermeable, protective organ to prevent excessive water loss due to evaporation as well as a barrier against the entry of microorganisms. 

Currently, 6 types of Ceramides have been found to be present in the stratum corneum (outermost skin) of human skin. Their functions are:

Ceramide 1: excellent barrier function to external stimuli, water retention function

Ceramide 2: high water retention function

Ceramide 3: water retention function, the ability to reduce the depth of wrinkles

Ceramide 4 and 5: ability to maintain and build the lipid barrier layer of the skin

Ceramide 6: water retention function, promoting the natural peeling of the outer skin, the ability to reduce the depth of wrinkles

When the ceramide is insufficient, the skin is dry and dull. In particular, reduction of ceramide 1, 3, 6 lead to hypersensitive skin, dry skin, and keratosis, ichthyosis, and as atopic dermatitis. In addition, ceramide 3 and 6 have been confirmed to decrease with age.




Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Tablet
Servings per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving
Proteoglycan (Extract of Salmon Nasal Cartilage) 5mg
Collagen Peptide (Fish Scale Origin) 100mg
Ceramide (Containing Rice Extract) 1mg
Hyaluronic Acid 5mg
†Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients
Flavor(Pineapple), Silica, Calcium Stearate, Stevia Sweetener

Suggested Use
1 to 3 Chewable tablets daily.

Package Quantity
60 Chewable tablets (2 packets)

Consult your healthcare practitioner if you are under the age of 18, have a medical condition, or are pregnant, lactating, or trying to conceive. Keep out of the reach of children. Store tightly closed in a cool place, dry place.

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