Replacement Policy

We value the satisfaction of our customers and believe that the customers should always receive what they have ordered. Even with every precaution, for various reasons, the product you receive may not be what you’d asked for. For such products, we have a Replacement Policy for you. A Replacement Policy here would mean that for a faulty product you had received due to any reason and you want your product replaced. The requirements for Return & Exchange Policy are as follows:

1. Unopened Product: The product you want to return should not be opened for any reasons to be replaced. For such products only, you can make a Replacement Policy demand.

2. 7 days after delivery: The Replacement demand should be made within 7 days after the product is delivered to you. The Replacement demand could be informed by an email ( to our customer service.

3. Unfulfilled order: In cases where you’ve made multiple order and some of your products are not delivered with the whole package, you’ve to inform us with right details. The further process of Replacement would be done accordingly.

The Replacement could also be made in-store credit of our company. The in-store credit can be used to buy any products from our web site.

Please Note: 

1. In some circumstances, we may also require an image of the packing you received the order to help with our investigation.

2. No Replacement is made for any lately returned product.

3. Allergic reactions may occur in very rare cases due to individual body type. No replacement is made for such cases.

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