Water Soluble Oil Soap


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It may sound counter-intuitive to talk about a water-soluble oil soap as oil is normally insoluble in water. However, a technology developed in Italy allows oil to be soluble in water. Using that technique, we made our soap, whose main ingredients are water-soluble grape seed oil and vegetable squalene. 

This soap is excellent when applied to skin that has been inflamed due to diaper rash, atopic dermatitis, allergic eczema and psoriasis. The soap is also excellent for washing off oil ointments that have been used on the skin. It is also very helpful for dry skin and washing off makeup. For seriously inflamed skin, this soap is particularly beneficial because it doesn’t sting. It can be used on the entire body except for the eyes.

After washing the soap off the skin, the oils from the grape seed and jojoba remain on the skin and produce a moisturizing effect. The soap is also excellent for treating dandruff. It should be massaged into the scalp and washed off using water. 

 Using Method Of Water-Soluble Oil Soap

  • Wet your body, face, and hands with water.

  • Shake the bottle of soap lightly and pour some of the liquid soap into your hands.

  • When the soap is mixed with water, you will feel a gentle warmth.

  • Apply the soap to your skin. You should use enough soap to thoroughly wet your skin so it does not become abraded by too much friction while you are applying it.

  • Using your fingers, very gently rub the soap into your skin.

  • Remove the soap using lukewarm water, although any temperature water will suffice as long as the soap is removed.

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