Mango Leaves – The Next-Gen Caffeine Replacement 30 capsules (15 capsules x 2 packets)


Standardized to 60% Mangiferin. A whole new natural mango leaf extract supplement to support focus, sports performance, mood, and mental performance.

30 capsules (15 capsules x 2 packets)

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Japanese doctor's supplement

Dr.Tadahiro Makise

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For three decades, our distinguished director, Dr. Makise, has traversed over 85 countries, passionately studying natural substances to bolster health. This journey culminated in the establishment of a clinic in Osaka, Japan. Here, Dr. Makise integrates his unique supplements with his extensive expertise, effectively treating numerous patients contending with intricate health challenges, both domestically and globally. From the forefront of medical innovation, we present products of unparalleled reliability, endorsed by countless users. We are dedicated to consistently delivering supplements that form a dependable cornerstone of your health regimen, safeguarding your well-being today and tomorrow.

You don’t need to have caffeine anymore!

It’s no surprise that most of us are dependent upon the world’s most used psychoactive substance, caffeine. In the form of tea, coffee, sodas, and energy drinks, we use caffeine extensively to overcome stress, fatigue, and to boost focus and mental energy. Americans alone consume 400 million cups of coffee every single day. Adding to that, caffeine has even gained ground into other ‘functional foods’ like protein powders and peanut butter. Having said that, not everyone reacts well to caffeine or can handle the ever-increasing doses that are working their way into dietary supplements and energy drinks.

Although caffeine may improve performance during prolonged exercise and sports activities, its capacity to enhance power and strength is questionable. Excessive amounts of caffeine can lead to negative side effects, including rapid heart rate, frequent urination, increased blood pressure, jitters, and anxiety – due to its large effect on the cardiovascular system. Its addictive nature makes it challenging to quit caffeine as one might develop various symptoms along the process.

Mango leaf (Zynamite®), an extract from Mangifera indica, presents a synergist, natural alternative for caffeine. It enhances cognitive functions including, concentration, attention, and reaction time in healthy younger adults, with a broader range of cognitive activities than caffeine. It is a caffeine-free energy booster and improves physical and mental performance without any negative side effects.

more power

19.4% Higher Peak Power

reaction time

50 ms Faster Reaction Time

Lab test

6 Clinical Trials

japan made

Made In Japan. High Quality.

What actually is Mango Leaf ?

Mango leaf (Zynamite®) is Nektium’s patent-pending proprietary Mangifera indica extract standardized to ≥ 60% mangiferin. It is a unique and natural mango tree (leaf) extract. To date, Zynamite®has been the subject of 6 clinical studies and is considered to be a potent nootropic (substances that can enhance brain performance or focus) and energy booster. 

Along with its aforementioned functions, Mangifericin has other advantages on our body as well. Some of them are:

  • Mangiferin has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-allergic, antihyperlipidemic, hepatoprotective, immunomodulatory, and neuroprotective properties.
  • Research suggests that mangiferin may reduce blood glucose levels by inhibiting glucose absorption from the intestine. This supports a healthy blood glucose level.
  • Mangiferin can cross the blood-brain barrier and has neuroprotective benefits such as reducing oxidative stress.

The principal active compound in Mangifera indica is Mangiferin, which is found in its leaves, bark, fruit, and roots. It has strong antioxidant, antidiabetic, hypotensive, anti-lipid peroxidation, immunomodulatory, cardiotonic, wound healing, and anti-degenerative properties. Mangiferin can even cross the blood-brain barrier and manipulate various channels and neurotransmitters in the body. Looking at the historical background, mango leaves have long been used for ailments in traditional practices.

The key features of Mango leaf include:

  • Rapid onset of mental activation
  • Faster reaction time
  • Sustained energy
  • Increased power and performance
  • Reduced pain and accelerated recovery
  • Suitable as a caffeine replacement
  • Supports mood, energy, and focus
  • Jitter-free extract for a natural source of energy
  • No adverse effect

What makes Mango Leaf supplement the ‘right choice’ ?

Due to its antiseptic, anti-parasitic, tonic, diuretic, and laxative properties, mango leaves have been known for centuries in Ayurveda. Mangiferin can even cross the blood-brain barrier and manipulate various channels and neurotransmitters in the body.

Although Mango Leaf supplements have multiple benefits, as mentioned before, it has mainly three prime functions:

1) Mango Leaf strengthens sports performance.

Sportsperson and athletes require sustained physical strength with intense focus and concentration. They need to have high endurance, stamina, and focus. Due to the fashion of using caffeine in energy drinks and protein powders, caffeine intake is increasing unnecessarily. This subsequently exerts negative effects on the cardiovascular system, such as rapid heartbeat, palpitations, and increased blood pressure.

strengthens sports performance.

In several of the sports studies conducted, cycle ergometer sprints were performed, during which peak and mean power output were analyzed. In a fatigue study, peak power was increased by 12.5% using Mango leaf. In subjects experiencing simulated exhaustion, peak power was increased by 19.4%. It provides support for the brain and body.

The results demonstrated increased peak power output, mean power output, increased VO2 max, increased brain oxygenation in women, and muscle oxygen extraction, along with decreased blood lactate concentration. This makes Mango Leaf the best choice among athletes and holds a remarkable position in sports.

2) Mango Leaf increases mental energy and cognitive functions.

Heavy mental activity, stress, or fatigue makes people lack enthusiasm and makes them desperate and exhausted. In such conditions, people desire a boost of energy that enhances physical performance, attention, concentration, alertness, and mental state. This is why many people are dependent upon caffeine and eventually become addicted to it. Caffeine-addiction consequently brings adverse side effects, which don’t exist with Mango leaf.

mango leaf mental support

One of the clinical studies done with Mango leaf in finding cogni­tive support observed that standard reaction time (SRT) was decreased by 50 milliseconds. Clinical studies of formulations containing Zynamite point to rapid onset of enhanced brain electrical activity, with statistically significant improvement in reaction time and calculation performance.

Mango Leaf supplementation can raise your focus level, reaction time, including calculation performance. These features are extremely crucial in sports activity and dealing with stress and energy deprivation.

3) Mango Leaf decreases muscle damage, pain, and increases sport recovery.

Likewise, energy supplementation during sports activity is not sufficient – the energy provided must sustain. Drained energy, muscle pain, fatigue, and exhaustion decrease sports performance. Mango Leaf has shown promising results in increasing muscle recovery, stamina, and performance.

mango leaf reducing pain

The impact on pain and recovery was examined after a 10km race accompanied by 100 drop jumps. The results showed an accelerated recovery of muscle performance and reduced pain and muscle damage caused by competitive exercise.

More remarkably benefits of Mango Leaf

Mango leaf has a remarkably analogous effect as caffeine in stimulating the brain waves and improving Long Term Potentiation. While caffeine boosts feelings of energy, mood, and alertness via antagonism of adenosine receptors, Mango leaf acts non-selectively to modulate various CNS targets and stimulate brain activity. Consequently, it does not have any adverse side effects such as caffeine. 

Mango leaf supplement improves performance, brain oxygenation, peak power and VO2 max, giving all athletes and active health enthusiasts sustained clean energy to push forward without fatigue. In a world dependent upon caffeine, Mango leaf could be a healthy substitute. For high-performance athletics, faster reactions and quicker adaptation to alternating conditions are fundamental and essential. The cognitive and physical advantages of Mango leaf makes it a unique solution for athletes, e-sports, shift workers, truck drivers, and every person in need of mental and physical energy.

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